Rawda came to Romania in 2011, just when the war in Syria erupted. Although she never knew that the war would continue for years to come and ravage all the beautiful cities, villages and lives of people, she felt that it was time to leave. She moved to Bucharest with her husband and small child, that was only 4 years old at the time. Their other 3 children remained in Syria to finish the school year, until the parents would settle down in Bucharest. When the violence erupted in Aleppo, Rawda went alone into the war torn Syria and took her children. Her husband stayed in Romania with the other child, because of the fear of being forcibly enrolled in the army.  What she saw there had nothing to do with what she knew before, so she decided to stick to the good memories instead. Last year, the precarious economic situation in Romania, pushed the family to search for a better chance in Germany.
They preferred the social life and the lively marketplaces in Bucharest, but Frankfurt gave them more opportunities of a stable life. Although she often complains that things are much more expensive and it’s harder for them to find certain products, she still loves to cook their traditional dishes at least once a week. Rawda hopes to find a job as a chef in an Arabic restaurant…to do something she likes and to contribute to the family’s income. The smell of her food is the same in Aleppo, Bucharest, Frankfurt and wherever life will take them…


  • green lentils
  • onion
  • minced meat
  • macaroni (spaghetti)
How to make it:
You wash the green lentils and start boiling it.
In a separate pan/pot you fry some onion. When the onion becomes yellow, you add the minced meat.
When the lentils are half cooked you add the onion and minced meat on it and let it boil a bit more.
When it’s almost ready you add the macaroni (spaghetti) and let it cook until the macaroni are boiled.
On you put some lemon juice and parsley and mix it with the cooked food. That’s it! Sahteen!

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