Içli köfte recipe, from cook MrChetin.


He comes from Turkey and is a political refugee in Greece. He lives in Thessaloniki, in Northern Greece.


MrChetin told us that he lived in Thessaloniki since 1987, because of the KenanEvren regime. As he was a trade unionist and came from a left-wing family, he wanted to avoid imprisonment. Today he has been granted political asylum and, together with other political refugees from his country, he runs “Kervan” tavern (means trip in Kurdish) in Thessaloniki, where they cook middle eastern dishes (as hummus, hunkarbegendi, shish kebab). He says he learned to cook Içliköfte from his family and friends in Istanbul.


Outer part: bulgur, onion (ground in the blender), 2 tablespoons of flour, salt, cumin

Inside part: ground beef, onion, walnut, parsley, black pepper, cumin


  • Soak the bulgur.
  • Sauté the inside part ingredients.
  • Knead the outer part ingredients.
  • Combine the two parts to form filled meatballs (they can be preserved in the fridge).
  • Fry them before serving.