Faranaz came to Romania in 2010, together with her husband Mahdi and their 4 children. Life in Afghanistan was not becoming brighter and all their hopes of making a living there were washed away by never-ending wars and ethnic conflicts. So they took the chance and started a dangerous journey to Europe. Romania was not a destination, although this was to become their second home. Both parents wanted for their children to be safe and to grow up in peace. All of them suffer from severe or mild handicap due to war related traumas, and Afghanistan was not a country where they could attend special schools or receive specialized care. So they left. Being registered in Romania as refugees, their stay in Sweden was rejected although they demanded a residence in the benefit of their children’s access to a better health and mental care system. Since being forcibly returned to Bucharest a few years ago, they have been living in the refugee centre. They are known to be one of the nicest couple and families that ever lived there…. They always cook more and offer food to other people living or working there. Because they love to cook and love to share, we decided to share some of their delicious recipes.


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